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We can hardly believe it has been eight years since CAFAS in Ontario was established at the Hospital for Sick Children, Community Systems Resource Group (CHSRG) through the Ministry of Youth and Child Services (MYCS). As we acknowledge the amount of time that has passed, we reflect on our endeavours and review our challenges. The provincial government first mandated the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) in 2000. It is currently in use by over 120 children’s mental health organisations in Ontario.

The data generated by the CAFAS present a standardised depiction about the level of functioning of children and youth in Ontario receiving mental health services in the participating mental health organisations. CAFAS in Ontario has made major strides toward fulfilling their mission: disseminating the CAFAS throughout mandated mental health organisations in central and remote areas, providing on-going training and support to participants, and developing community networks.

In the coming year, our research, clinical, educational and community services will continue to expand and grow in new directions. CAFAS in Ontario will continue to work toward increasing awareness of children’s mental organisations to the significance of generating statistically valid information to inform the treatment of children and youth and in ensuring quality and accountability in service provision.

Inter-rater reliability ensures that all raters apply the same rules and standards in their application of the tool in an applied setting. Different clinicians should end up with the same rating for a particular client at the same point in time. The scale must be used in a standardized manner in order to ensure accuracy.

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