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Regional representation - at least one member from each of the 9 regions. Members are expected to attend meetings or send an appropriate delegate. Members have the option of attending face to face or by teleconference / videoconference.

Frequency of Meetings:

Meetings take place quarterly with one face to face meeting coinciding with a provincial conference (e.g., CMHO Summit or Sparrow Lake Alliance)


The committee is co-chaired by the provincial leads for the Ontario measurement initiative for Children's Mental Health (i.e., CAFAS and BCFPI leads).

The co-chairs are responsible for developing the agenda for the meetings and ensuring minutes are accurate and action-oriented. Agendas and minutes are distributed in a timely fashion, prior to meetings. Minutes are reviewed by the committee to ensure that they accurately reflect the main points of discussion and recommended actions. It is the responsibility of the co-chairs to monitor progress on recommended actions arising from the minutes. It is also the responsibility of the co-chairs to ensure ongoing regional representation within the committee.


The Committee is accountable to CMHO and the Community Health Systems Resource Group at the Hospital for Sick Children. Each member of the Advisory Committee is accountable to their region for the development and ongoing support of their regional Community of Practice to enhance dissemination of information and knowledge transfer/exchange.

Development of Task Groups:

The development of task-focused groups will be determined, as required.

You are welcome to familiarise yourself with the resources available on our site. You are encouraged to speak to your child’s mental health worker regularly and work together with him/her to help your child achieve specific treatment goals.

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